new painting


IMG_0383 IMG_0384

“First Big Snow” oil on canvas, 24″x36″

This is my second oil painting and I am really enjoying the process! I fell in love with how this one turned out. I was inspired on my drive home from Idaho during a snow storm. There was a field of cows still grazing while snow piled on their backs.

I did most of the painting with a palette knife which gave it some neat texture. Starting another in the series today!

Let me know what you guys think, I’d love any feedback! Xo


cozy bedroom




Happy Monday you beautiful people!

I woke up feeling pretty great today, after an impromptu second Thanksgiving dinner and a good 8-hours (Okay, maybe it was closer to 10…) in this lovely bed of mine. During college I slept on an air mattress, so when I moved into this place the first thing I did was buy a bed.

Then I had to figure out how to maximize my space in this tiny-ass room.
IMG_0165This antique wicker trunk (a gift from my Mimi) holds my shoes. I’ve rid my collection of anything with a heel, as Bozeman is just not the place for those silly things. Bean boots and XtraTuffs are my besties.

The quilt is from my Mimi also, and the lavender is from my mama’s garden.

IMG_0167This dresser I found at a thrift store in town and refurbished it myself. I used homemade chalk paint in a robin’s egg blue color. It was stained a cherry wood before that was beautiful, but too dark for the space. This new look keeps it light and colorful.

The chalk paint was SUPER easy, and you can find the recipe for it here. So much cheaper and easier than finding the ‘real’ stuff. It took me probably half an hour to do the entire dresser.


Bear spends more time in my bed than I do. He also doesn’t understand personal space and insists on sleeping on my face. I don’t hate it ūüôā

Hope you all have a great day! I’m headed into my studio to start work on a new painting, stay tuned!


As I am lucky enough to work from home, my space is very important to me. I’ve found that unless my home is functional and clean, I have a hard time creating. Plus, living alone is a dream because I get to have every single thing exactly how I like it! Win.

But, being a youngin’ and surviving on an artist’s income, I’ve had to get thrifty here and there. Okay, everywhere.

When I planned to move to Bozeman, my best friend and I took a girl’s weekend to check it out. I had been searching for housing for weeks at that point and finding nothing. I had a vision in my head of exactly what I wanted and could not settle for less. I decided to place an ad on craigslist explaining what I wanted, and as soon as we sat down for dinner the first night in town I got an email. A caretaker’s cabin in the mountains with a bunch of land and the promise of adventure. It was perfect and yet another instance of the Universe delivering as soon as I set my mind to something. Amazing.

It has come a long way since that first day and I can’t wait to show you guys!

IMG_8799 IMG_8800

….and in the spirit of throwbacks, here is a frightening one of my baby monster that will not stop growing no matter how much I ask.


Bear at 8 weeks! 


…and Bear this morning at 3.5 months! I am raising a giant. 





My little cabin nestled in the hills.

Montana has fully committed to this winter thing, and it is not kidding around. We had a big storm that dumped snow, followed by a week of severe negative temperatures. It was too cold to even snow anymore and everything was frozen solid. This has made life slightly more difficult lately.

 On one very dark night I completely lost control of my car on the ice and went off the other side of the road in the canyon. There is something humbling about crawling out of your car that is now in a few feet of snow and realizing that there is not a soul around except for some (sometimes very large) critters. Luckily for me, I was okay, my car was okay, and I was in cell-range to be able to call a handsome guy to come tow me out.

I’ve also learned that apparently plowing is now a utility I get billed for‚Ķnever thought that would be a part of my life! Thankful for that though. My driveway is a steep and long, windy road that I had to hike up many days when my car just wouldn’t make it.

Are you an adult when snow tires as a Christmas gift genuinely thrill you? If so, I think I’m getting closer.

Hope everyone is surviving the cold!



happy wednesday!

I added a new page for my art that I will be adding to often. I’m always taking commissions for folks wanting portrait work done! They make great holiday gifts!

This week’s project is renovating my art studio. I will be posting before and after pictures of the process soon. It’s quite the undertaking! Fingers crossed I can figure out how to drywall!


“Bear” graphite on Bristol board, 8″x10″

the daily bear

For being just a little Spring Cub, Bear has been growing and learning everyday. He has a new friend Boone that taught him how to bird hunt, and he went on his first fishing trip last week.

photo 1-4

We hit some rain and Bear took shelter.
photo 2-4

photo 3-2He followed Boone everywhere and did exactly what he did (including eating the snow…)

I’m a proud Mama!

the first snow

After a quiet and still night I woke up to a blanket of fresh white snow on the ground! So lovely and so inspiring. My hobbit windows are frozen over and my thermometer reads a bitter 12 degrees outside, which means Grandma’s knitted socks will be much appreciated when I tip toe across the hard wood floor to the fireplace. Bear is usually the first one up, but today he stays hidden under the covers.


photo 1

I had prepared for this day for a few weeks now, gathering wood and electric blankets. Montana winters are brutal, and since I live in the canyon I am in for a especially rough one.




photo 2


These L.L. Bean Fatwood Sticks are a dream. A gift from my Grandpa, they light instantly and with no paper needed. They are all natural and environmentally friendly too, a must these days. Get them here.

photo 4

Time to throw a little somethin’ in the crockpot and spend the day in the art studio. Happy Winter everyone!

Hello there!

Solitude is creativity’s best friend, and solitude is refreshment for our souls.¬†-Naomi Judd

In May I graduated from college and took a job at a fishing lodge in Alaska. There I lived in a small, secluded camp with a few fishing guides, of whom quickly became some of my best friends. After four months of whiskey-fueled cabin debauchery, heartache and adventure, I was drained. Arriving back in the lower 48 and returning to “normal” was more than I expected. Driving in traffic, even walking into a packed college bar was exhausting.

I had an insatiable urge to hide away, find my happy place again.

I was lucky enough to find just that, a caretaker’s cabin tucked away in Bridger Canyon, Montana on 50 beautiful acres of land. This is the story of my new adventure at the sage house.

Driveway Dry creekHorse stableWinter aspensHorse stableBearThis is Bear, a 9-week old rescue and my little shadow. Also the cutest thing alive. He is just as happy to have found this place as I am.

Stay tuned, winter is coming!