Hello there!

by thesagehouse

Solitude is creativity’s best friend, and solitude is refreshment for our souls. -Naomi Judd

In May I graduated from college and took a job at a fishing lodge in Alaska. There I lived in a small, secluded camp with a few fishing guides, of whom quickly became some of my best friends. After four months of whiskey-fueled cabin debauchery, heartache and adventure, I was drained. Arriving back in the lower 48 and returning to “normal” was more than I expected. Driving in traffic, even walking into a packed college bar was exhausting.

I had an insatiable urge to hide away, find my happy place again.

I was lucky enough to find just that, a caretaker’s cabin tucked away in Bridger Canyon, Montana on 50 beautiful acres of land. This is the story of my new adventure at the sage house.

Driveway Dry creekHorse stableWinter aspensHorse stableBearThis is Bear, a 9-week old rescue and my little shadow. Also the cutest thing alive. He is just as happy to have found this place as I am.

Stay tuned, winter is coming!