the first snow

by thesagehouse

After a quiet and still night I woke up to a blanket of fresh white snow on the ground! So lovely and so inspiring. My hobbit windows are frozen over and my thermometer reads a bitter 12 degrees outside, which means Grandma’s knitted socks will be much appreciated when I tip toe across the hard wood floor to the fireplace. Bear is usually the first one up, but today he stays hidden under the covers.


photo 1

I had prepared for this day for a few weeks now, gathering wood and electric blankets. Montana winters are brutal, and since I live in the canyon I am in for a especially rough one.




photo 2


These L.L. Bean Fatwood Sticks are a dream. A gift from my Grandpa, they light instantly and with no paper needed. They are all natural and environmentally friendly too, a must these days. Get them here.

photo 4

Time to throw a little somethin’ in the crockpot and spend the day in the art studio. Happy Winter everyone!