by thesagehouse




My little cabin nestled in the hills.

Montana has fully committed to this winter thing, and it is not kidding around. We had a big storm that dumped snow, followed by a week of severe negative temperatures. It was too cold to even snow anymore and everything was frozen solid. This has made life slightly more difficult lately.

 On one very dark night I completely lost control of my car on the ice and went off the other side of the road in the canyon. There is something humbling about crawling out of your car that is now in a few feet of snow and realizing that there is not a soul around except for some (sometimes very large) critters. Luckily for me, I was okay, my car was okay, and I was in cell-range to be able to call a handsome guy to come tow me out.

I’ve also learned that apparently plowing is now a utility I get billed for…never thought that would be a part of my life! Thankful for that though. My driveway is a steep and long, windy road that I had to hike up many days when my car just wouldn’t make it.

Are you an adult when snow tires as a Christmas gift genuinely thrill you? If so, I think I’m getting closer.

Hope everyone is surviving the cold!