by thesagehouse

As I am lucky enough to work from home, my space is very important to me. I’ve found that unless my home is functional and clean, I have a hard time creating. Plus, living alone is a dream because I get to have every single thing exactly how I like it! Win.

But, being a youngin’ and surviving on an artist’s income, I’ve had to get thrifty here and there. Okay, everywhere.

When I planned to move to Bozeman, my best friend and I took a girl’s weekend to check it out. I had been searching for housing for weeks at that point and finding nothing. I had a vision in my head of exactly what I wanted and could not settle for less. I decided to place an ad on craigslist explaining what I wanted, and as soon as we sat down for dinner the first night in town I got an email. A caretaker’s cabin in the mountains with a bunch of land and the promise of adventure. It was perfect and yet another instance of the Universe delivering as soon as I set my mind to something. Amazing.

It has come a long way since that first day and I can’t wait to show you guys!

IMG_8799 IMG_8800

….and in the spirit of throwbacks, here is a frightening one of my baby monster that will not stop growing no matter how much I ask.


Bear at 8 weeks! 


…and Bear this morning at 3.5 months! I am raising a giant.