cozy bedroom

by thesagehouse




Happy Monday you beautiful people!

I woke up feeling pretty great today, after an impromptu second Thanksgiving dinner and a good 8-hours (Okay, maybe it was closer to 10…) in this lovely bed of mine. During college I slept on an air mattress, so when I moved into this place the first thing I did was buy a bed.

Then I had to figure out how to maximize my space in this tiny-ass room.
IMG_0165This antique wicker trunk (a gift from my Mimi) holds my shoes. I’ve rid my collection of anything with a heel, as Bozeman is just not the place for those silly things. Bean boots and XtraTuffs are my besties.

The quilt is from my Mimi also, and the lavender is from my mama’s garden.

IMG_0167This dresser I found at a thrift store in town and refurbished it myself. I used homemade chalk paint in a robin’s egg blue color. It was stained a cherry wood before that was beautiful, but too dark for the space. This new look keeps it light and colorful.

The chalk paint was SUPER easy, and you can find the recipe for it here. So much cheaper and easier than finding the ‘real’ stuff. It took me probably half an hour to do the entire dresser.


Bear spends more time in my bed than I do. He also doesn’t understand personal space and insists on sleeping on my face. I don’t hate it 🙂

Hope you all have a great day! I’m headed into my studio to start work on a new painting, stay tuned!